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View Diary: Poet Sharon Olds Said No To Laura (124 comments)

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    Though this happened a while back, I'm going to have to disagree with Ms. Olds.  True, she has full justification for her response, but I think it was hasty of her to reject what would have been - what could have been - an excellent platform to voice her opinions.

    There are ways of doing it that are neither belligerent towards the hosts nor hypocritical towards oneself.  Imagine being able to sit face-to-face with a member of the administration (which Laura is, in important ways) and do something really unexpected, like... asking her if she read about the lesbian couple in NJ being denied partner benefits?

    Even if nothing comes of it, I know I put it out on the table, and more importantly, I know she knows it, too.

    I think I could handle the gag-inducing pomp of a White House dinner for that kind of opportunity.

    (note: yes, she does address that possibility and her reasons for rejecting it, but I feel she made the wrong decision.  Personally.)

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