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View Diary: BREAKING: Canadian Government Falls (updated with poll) (243 comments)

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  •  election of coke-head changed that (none)
    Gomery Adscam will be replaced by the next referendum and separatists that Duceppe will not want to touch. Those are the issues for this campaign in Quebec.

    Harper-Layton-Duceppe trio did Martin and the liberals a huge favor. Martin offered a spring election, 30 days after Gomery's final report. The Gomery issue would be front and center-still fresh. This taking the government down now means the issues will be pocket book issues in the rest of Canada, a Liberal strong suit-not Gomery. imo the 3 just pulled a political blunder.

    Let's stop feeding greed. In fact, propose we make it a commandment: The greedy shall not be fed.

    by idredit on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 05:56:04 PM PST

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    •  The timing was altogether deliberate (none)
      A Spring election would let voters get used to the outcome of the Goméry report, and when they found out there was nothing new in the final report, they'd be much more complacent about voting Liberal again.

      For the Tories, this is their best bet. It's not a good one, and it will tick people off to no end. But it's the best they're going to get.

    •  Gomery's still the issue in Quebec (none)
      and according to the CBC/Radio-Canada poll released tonight, the election of Boisclair at the helm of the Parti québécois (running in Quebec election, not in federal ones) didn't change anything.

      Results for Quebec (story here in French):

      • Bloc québécois: 59%
      • Liberal: 22%
      • NDP: 9%
      • Cons: 8%
      •  the election counts in rich seat Ontario (none)
        Nov. 26 Toronto Star poll: liberals at 46+% Tories at 27%.
        Quebec, is well written off with 22 seats currently held by Liberals but surprise is on tap for many who think gains won't be made. Though Charest is unpopular, The 'Boisclair declared referendum' that he won't honor The Clarity Act, will be one of 2 issues in Quebec. Pundits think Gomery will be the issue in Quebec, wrong-the separation and purse will rule.

        As for CBC-Radio Canada, they can't even get the weather forecast right.

        Let's stop feeding greed. In fact, propose we make it a commandment: The greedy shall not be fed.

        by idredit on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 07:33:35 PM PST

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        •  Those numbers (none)
          suggest to me that the Tories are going to lose seats in Ontario. That wouldn't surprise me, although I don't see the Liberals doing well in Quebec either.

          Ben P

          •  Well, (none)
            I'll be voting NDP, for the first time in my life.  Expect the Liberals to lose ground, there's a lot of people like me who can't vote for the Bloc and don't want to vote Liberal.

            Arrrgggh, I'm not sure.  So I'm a true Canadian, then.

            Mark Twain -Let me make the superstitions of a nation and I care not who makes its laws or its songs either.

            by Kingsmeg on Mon Nov 28, 2005 at 08:19:54 PM PST

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