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  •  Ah-- the "B" word (none)

    That's fine, I accept that as the cost of being a realist.

    IMO, when there is a surplus, the government should be either helping the middle class in forms of tax breaks or putting that money into programs which would increase middle class income and enable them to generate more income and therefore, more taxes.

    I understand 25 million is "piddling". I understand 2billion isn't that big either but it is the principle of the matter, not the amount. Payouts just days before a no-confidence vote?? That's like Bush pardoning Libby at the 11th hour of his last day.

    And you are right, my priorities are to improving the present and the future. In Canada, a nation of immigrants, why should a new immigrant, working long hard hours owe anything to someone he never wronged?

    Instead of labelling me a bigot, I suggest, you do something about your Liberal party and examine their failure in the Arar matter and their failure in the prosecution of the 1983 Air India bombing. In 20 years, they'll be paying handouts as compensation to the descendants of these people also, trying to look good before a no-confidence motion.

    If you think I support the Conservatives -- I don't. By instinct I'm turned off of them. But I don't think the Liberals here are the ideal of how the right-wing should be opposed.

    •  Not it's not at all like Bush pardoning Libby. (none)
      In fact that's an extremely foolish analogy. Libby has actually done something wrong. The only crimes comitted here are the ones done by prior governments (mainly Liberal governments, for that matter).

      Tax breaks are ongoing expenses, as are new programs. These are both ONGOING costs which will cost money for years, unlike the one-time payouts the Liberals have proposed. If you said the government should spend the money buying the high-tech scanners Americans are so enamored of. That at least, would be a one-time capital expense (until they have to be replaced of course, and then there's operating costs, but for these purposes, it's a one time expense.)

      As for Air India. 1. The Liberals didn't fail to prosecute; the government DID prosecute and the prosecution failed, i.e. a jury acquited. Maybe you think the prosecution was incompetent, but that's more of a matter for the RCMP and the crown prosecution service. 2. What on earth does that have to do with ANYTHING? Unless you think there was a political decision to deliberately do a bad job on the prosecution, why on earth is this relevant? This strikes me as you grasping at straws. It's not a valid argument.

      All nations are commonwealths that stretch across time; in immigrating you bind yourself not only to the current nation but to its past, for better and worse. I wasn't born in Canada, but I'm willing to accept the burdens of the nation's past as part of the burden of being Canadian. It's this sort of fellow feeling that keeps nations together, ESPECIALLY fractious immigrant nations like Canada.

      As I said above, I'm not a Liberal supporter. I just think your grounds for attack are specious. And anyone who calls the Liberals radical leftists is unlikely to be any kind of small-L liberal.

      In the future, everyone will have a blog, and none of them will be read. My unread blog will be Symmachus

      by gracchus on Tue Nov 29, 2005 at 07:44:26 AM PST

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