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  •  I know that these (4.00)
    are just summaries of positions, but all candidates should be asking for clarification regarding "permanent bases" in Iraq...are we going to keep an indefinite presence there?  I don't know that I've heard any of those above address this, but I have heard Obama ask for assurrance that this won't be the case.
    •  Bingo (none)
      I couldn't agree more.  As I see it, those mystery bases are the core issue--it makes no sense whatsoever to parse various plans about partial withdrawal down to the subatomic level if we're committed to keeping 18 (last number I heard) permanent bases there.

      My fear is that in the interest of convenience the Dems will look the other way on this one until it's "too late" to oppose these bases, leaving the US with a sizable, permanent military presence in Iraq.  That would be both wrong and against the US's own interests.

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