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  •  I'm with Bayh: Define Success (none)
    Bayh's best point applies to the entire War on Terror. Until we define what success means, what goals we hope to achieve and how to measure them, this war will never end.

    Maybe we decide success equals no more American lives lost. In that case, troop withdrawal becomes not retreat, but success. Or maybe our goal needs to include preventing a civil war in Iraq, or Iraqi troop readiness, or whatever. But without a decision on just what our goal is, we will keep floundering around for years.

    •  In the War on Terror® (4.00)
      The decision to invade Iraq--without allies and without a post-war plan, and on the basis of lies--counts as a big fat failure.

      Bush yammers on about having to fight terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here. But As the January 28, 2005, edition of The Independent succinctly pointed out:

      [T]he invasion--and the lack of planning--has created the very conditions the US cited as reason for going to war. Trouble was, they never existed then.

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