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  •  Richardson's plan is similar to Paul Hackett... (none)
    But the issue is, how do we know that the actual personnel on the ground in Iraq are behind the plan, and not getting whitewashed by Rummy and his neo-con elves? When Senators Joe Biden and John Warner were debating on TV, Biden kept saying that what he heard from the ground commanders during his last 4-5 visits to Iraq was completely contrary to what Rumsfeld, Casey, Pace, Abizaid, etc. keep saying. Senator Warner, who according to Time magazine, had a private meeting with the top 10 uniformed officers of DoD in Washington, also kept harping the Rummy line that all necessary troops have been provided when asked for. It was clear from Biden's words that this is completely incorrect.

    So if we say let the armed forces make a phased plan for withdrawal, how can we be sure that it is what the ground troops really want, rather than what Rummy dictates?

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