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    I was a huge Edwards fan in the primary season.  I was hoping and praying that he'd be able to slow down and Kerry and outlast him, but the establishment wanted Kerry, so I was left hoping for Kerry to tap Edwards as his running-mate.

    After the election and campaign, I seriously didn't really care for Edwards anymore.  He wasn't speaking from the heart anymore.  I then thought about it and realized that that was because he was in the horrible position of being in an organization run by John Kerry and stale Democrats.

    After getting outside of Washington, he's finally taking knowledgeable stands on issues.
    It's early, and a lot can happen, but I think right now, I'm gonna jump on Edwards' bandwagon and ride it for awhile.  He's the only person I feel comfortable with right now.

    "Democrats win when people think." -- Bill Clinton

    by bergerc84 on Tue Nov 29, 2005 at 10:40:51 AM PST

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