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  •  We will be totally defeated (none)
    It is discouraging but not surprising to see the Democratic candidates line up for 'staying the course', even though they cannot or will not define that course in operational terms.  I am afraid we are just going to have to watch this tragedy play out to its terrible and utterly predictable end, as the insurgents increase their control of contested territory, and our troops stop letting themselves be sent out as sitting ducks.

    In their defense, the Democratic candidocracy reflect the denial that still governs the reactions of the American public.  There is denial that we have lost the war.  The public want to bring the troops home whether we win or lose; but behind that position is an unresolved one with respect to the face that can no longer be saved, if it ever could.

    The First World War on the Western front gave rise to a similar paralysis. No one could admit defeat, and truce was out of the question.

    The solution, if there is any, involves direct negotiations with the Ba'ath leaders running the resistance. Unfortunately, no Democrat can come out for that solution and hope to survive.  It will have to come form the Iraqis themselves. Where's Kiossinger when we need him?  At least he would have the balls to double-cross the Shni'ites and the Kurds again, to get our foreign policy back on track.  Saddam was bad for them, but fundamentally he was good for us.

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