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  •  Only partly bullshit... (4.00)
    In my opinion, you are half right and half... well I'll avoid the term "bullshit".  

    •  The US had little to do with the Syrians leaving Lebanon - Lebanese outrage would have forced them out regardless.  If anything, the US has caused a retrenchment of the Syrian ruling elite.

    •  There may appear to be progress in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, but there's been setbacks too.  Arafat dying is probably more responsible than Bush.  But Bush has done nothing while Sharon constructs the Wall.  The Palestinians and the Arab street are as pissed as ever, and Bush has done nothing meaningful to reverse Arab conflation of Iraq and Palestinian issues.    

    •  Egypt - calm before the storm.  Mubarak is no democrat, and Egypt could explode.  

    •  Libya - well, right.  But Libya wants oil revenue and is willing to sell out a few security goons to get it.  Also, Libya's adventurism in Africa burned out now that Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone wars are more or less over.  Also, severe mental illness tends to diminish with age, and perhaps Qaddafi is just a little less nuts.

    Unlike many others, I do agree that the US should promote democracy abroad.  We might succeed in the Arab world if we were not such ardent and uncritical supporters of the Israeli side of the equation.  


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