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  •  good approach, jimpol (none)
    Earlier today kos said Murtha's plan was the best on the table.

    Oops. He clearly recognized there are many potential good plans so he now posts a list.

    But the ensuing discussion gets bogged down in relatively technical distinctions about which few, if any of us have reality based knowledge (how fast or whether Iraqi troops can be trained, e.g.).

    Meanwhile, the Cheney/Rove administration probably will (already are?)coopt ALL of the plans listed by saying they do have targets and benchmarks, they do have a phased withdrawal strategy, etc.

    What they cannot claim to have, however is item one in your list: accountability.

    It seems ALL Dems (ok, maybe not Lieberman) can agree to the PRINCIPLES jimpol lists. And if they just stick to those as the talking points, emphasizing accountability and competence, they can take political advantage.

    Pre-war lies, Plame, Katrina, etc. have crushed the trustworthiness of the administration and of Republicans in Congress.

    For 2006, as Bush (and various Repubs running for House/Senate) triangulate on Iraq withdrawal, Dems can make the most inroads by sticking to the broader them that the Republicans have PROVEN they cannot get the job done, that the Republican congress has proven themselves unwilling to exercise the kind of real oversight that is necessary for there to be accountability.

    Accountability: the necessary ingredient in any good plan. Accountability: the dimension that Republicans cannot triangulate.

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