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  •  Clark wants out of Iraq (none)
    As far supporting Clark because came out against the IWR (as written) and he was certainly against this war, he was also prophetic about what this war would mean. In addition, while many on the left resent his stars, he has them, and with them come credibility.

    Clark's position on this war is reflected in the thinking of all of the above because he is now one of the advisors to the Democrats on matters of national security. As has been pointed out, the positions when examined are not that far apart, that is why.

    Reading the late Sergio Vieira de Mello's reaction to the operation in Iraq, one comes to understand where Clark's thinking is coming from. Occupation has happened before, whether we agree with those occupations is another topic for a different discussion. But de Mello had worked closely with Clark, and both understood the need for diplomacy.

    Eventually, every war ends with enemies talking not killing one another. Clark is insisting that bush needs to be pushed to use diplomacy. He also says that we cannot wait until Nov. 06 in hope of a Democratic majority in one of the houses. We must write-call-badger every republican in office to force the WHouse to Change the Course. It is our duty as citizens. I agree.

    As for Wes Clark...I happen to love his domestic policies. I'm a teacher, and Wes Clark was the first politician I'd ever heard who "got it." While others stuck with the tired message of "full funding" Clark called NCLB: a trojan horse that needed to be gutted. He understands compromise, but not compromising your values. "We are Democrats and we believe in a progressive tax system...not, oh, maybe we can come part way."

    There are many reasons I support Clark, I wish more people understood. Thanks for asking.

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