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  •  Calling a spade a spade (none)
    Your statement was trollish, as are most of your comments on this site.  Your statement was a personal attack, and it deserved a troll rating.

    Dean and his campaign did not invent the blogosphere.  If you think he did you are seriously misinformed.  The blogosphere existed before Dean just like you, me and other former and current Dean supporters existed before Dean.  In fact, even our money existed before Dean began his campaign.  Dean and his campaign simply harnessed us.  That is all Kos was saying.

    •  Kettle... (none)
      Dean and his campaign did not invent the blogosphere.

      Where the hell did I say that???

      Oh, I guess I also must have said that Gore invented the internet.

      Is the only way you can debate is to lie?
      Kos completely dismisses Dean's undeniable revolution of putting 2 and 2 together. Teh fact that Kos doesn't even bother to mention that Dean had already tested this on Boswell speaks volumed to his disingenuousness.

      Some of the Dean supporters have been talking about having two lists.

      The Zoe List of positive politicians who are really Democratic such as Boswell. It is named after Zoe L. of Washington whose idea this was orignally.

      There would also be the Pelosi List made up of the typical DLCers like Toricelli and Daschle. This is named in her honor after she put together a list of Democrats to publically berate Dean because he dared to say that the US needed to be even-handed in their approach to the I/P conflict.

      •  None of these arguments.... (none)
        while good and debatable points, makes up for your personal attack.  The effects and legacy of the blogosphere and the Dean, Boswell and Chandler fundraising can and should be debated for years to come.  However, Chicken Little, you seem to be not able to debate without calling your opponent a derogatory remark.  You throw mud and engage in name calling all of the time.

        That is unacceptable and debases your entire argument.  

      •  so (none)
        Didn't "test it" even before Boswell?  Remember Wellstone in 2002, getting like ~400K from their email list?


        •  one from moveon (none)
          I came up to bat through the MoveOn primary myself. Do they get credit for Dean? Of course I had been following the Doctor's exploits before then, but I hadn't yet put my money where my nice little intentions were.

          Deaniac, Bradleyac, Tsongasac, Mondaliac. Can I pick 'em, or what?

          by Mo MacArbie on Sat Feb 21, 2004 at 08:55:43 PM PST

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          •  MoveOn Made Dean (none)
            ...well, that moveon poll early on certainly gave Dean some credibility witt the internet community -- I mean, I liked him before, but the poll made me stop and think, hmmm, maybe this could go somewhere...

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