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  •  Interesting (none)
    that you use film as a metaphor then proclaim Dean the "producer, director, star".  

    Those days of the singular film genius are long gone, and even in his day, Orson Wells was the exception that broke the rule.

    Film is THE most collaborative of all forms of cultural production, so using film to claim Howard Dean the individual's singular contribution is counter-metaphoric at the very least.  

    My issue with Dean was always (and remains) the co-optation of progressivism and the ready acceptance of a ready constiutency to trade in surfaces.  There's no indication that Dean is any more progressive, has any more of a connection to populism or has any more integrity than the average politician (which is what he was before the spring and early summer of 2003).  I just didn't see or feel it, and consistent and repeated statements of committed supporters that Dean is an inspirational icon of integrity and honesty does inspiration make.  His conversion to populism mirrored large segments of the US populace's turn toward peace activism: it was situational and extremely context-specific, not rooted in any clearly articulated principles.

    That said, he's not and never was a bad guy.  He was a bit of a bad candidate, but could have learned, improved had the media circus of insurgent/frontrunner/has-been not been in play.  

    "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." -- Martin Vanbee

    by a gilas girl on Sat Feb 21, 2004 at 11:51:07 PM PST

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    •  Can't go another round on the (none)
      "progressive - populist" issue in relation to Dean with you.  Our conversation on this has gone on since sometime earlier last year.  I posted a very long response to you recently to which you didn't respond and I cannot add to that. Also this post was not written with any thought as to whether Dean meets or does not meet your notion of populism or progressiveness.  

      I consciously chose a film metaphor because anybody who knows anything about moviemaking knows that it is a collaborative "art" form.  Did consider giving Dean co-production and co-directing credit but decided I liked it better without the "co."  But I'm not interested in dissecting my post either -- it is a rough draft and probably not interesting enough to spend the time it would take to edit and craft it into something better.  

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