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    I'm not suggesting that Howard Dean is Newtonian in his approach to the laws of campaigning financing.

    What I am saying is that first and foremost was his message and his connection to voters for whom his message had resonance.  What followed was a response by those who valued the message in the form of money, and more money, and even more money by the most convenient vehicle available--the internet.  

    The equation that Dean clarified is not the 2 and 2 of fundraising and internet structure, but the relationship between message and the value of that message to listeners.  The internet provided the vehicle by which Dean could revolutionize the idea that people will gladly pay, over and over, small sums of money, their own cold hard-earned cash, to keep a long-shot candidate solvent enough to take his message to others.  

    No one else has had quite the same alchemic results, and it remains to be seen whether anyone else can galvanize a population like that again.

    Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts.

    by lightiris on Sun Feb 22, 2004 at 12:12:48 AM PST

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