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View Diary: ''What the Republicans need is 50 Jack Abramoffs'' G. Norquist, 1995 (13 comments)

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  •  Norquist on the 2006 elections (none)
    From the Austin American-Statesman:
    ...Norquist said the GOP will maintain its congressional majority because it will not be represented on the 2006 ballot by "any congressman who did something wrong," he predicted. They will "step aside for the good of the team."

    "This is not disrespecting or criticizing DeLay (but) to point out that the Republican leadership is strong enough and deep enough that . . . there's no irreplaceable person," Norquist said. "If he steps aside, the party moves forward. It doesn't change the agenda."

    'Any congressman who did something wrong' - that's a very broad statesman. Not indicted for doing something wrong, not charged for doing something wrong. I suppose we'll hear something along the lines of W.'s CIA leak case recant once the elections grow nearer. If not, TX-22 and many other districts look much more up in the air all of the sudden.

    •  Heh (none)
      Broad statement, that is.
    •  Grover vs Tom (none)
      I would imagine that if Norquist thinks Tom Delay will step aside willingly, he's sorely mistaken. People like Delay don't give up power. They must be dragged from it.

      John Murtha = Walter Cronkite. The tide is turning. -4.75, -4.41

      by Aethern on Wed Nov 30, 2005 at 02:34:32 AM PST

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    •  And What of Grover? (none)
      Will Grover Norquisit take one for the team?  Will he step aside from his leadership position?

      Based upon the e-mails and published news reports, it is my view that Mr. Norquist was engaged in a money laundering operation for Mr. Abramoff.  Of course, I do not have all the facts that may be available to the prosecutors, but in my opinion there is evidence that Mr. Norquist received and issued checks that had little or nothing to do with tax reform.  

      I guess Grover might take the same position as Rep. DeLay and say that it is money laundering only if the transfers occur in cash.

      •  Quite so (none)
        Norquist not only laundered funds for Abramoff, he hedged some and benefitted in the process. McCain & Dorgan have suggested that if they likely hold another hearing investigating Abramoff & his tribal clients, that Norquist & Reed were likely to be called to testify. In the past, both have not fully cooperated with their investigation. Norquist accused McCain of trying to obtain his donor list. Just this past week, McCain's staff compared Norquist to a 'streetcorner schizophrenic.' So, yes, Norquist is very much tied into the SIA investigation.

        But not just the SIA investigation. The Senate Finance Committee, too, is looking to investigate the ways in which Abramoff, Reed, Federici & Norquist were able to conceal, bypass 501(c)3 laws and launder the $82 million.

        •  Connections Abound (none)
          Connections abound among the players, a fact that is exemplified by the court filings in the criminal case involving David Safavian.

          The pace of the filings in the criminal action involving David Safavian suggests a torrid burn rate of attorneys' fees.  It is hard to see how Mr. Safavian can afford this.

          Safavian's counsel and the US Attorney are sparring over pre-trial discovery.  Safavian's counsel wants to see all "e-mails, correspondence, and any other documents from May 2002 through August 2002" between seven named Abramoff business associates concerning Mr. Safavian, White Oak, the Old Post Office Building, and the 2002 Scotland trip.  Safavian's counsela lso wants notes, documents, and tapes of interviews of the Chief and Deputy Chief Investigative Counsel to the Senate Inidan Affairs Committee, as well as documents, tapes, reports, and other records concerning Mr. Safavian's arrest and/or cooperation in other matters.  Perhaps most ominously, Safavian's counsel wants to know the "identity" of the individual who contacted a GSA hotline to report Mr. Safavian's alleged misconduct.

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