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View Diary: Frameshop: Feingold Now Leads Democrats [UPDATED] (462 comments)

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    Feingold's proposals prolong the military strategy already in place, the tactics referred to as the fly-paper war, which is designed to attract terrorists and kill them. We already have anti-terrorists units in other squares, or dominoes, if you prefer, and we interrogate some of these terrorist suspects there, beyond the prying eyes of the media. We've already got 4) and its a problem. 3) The president could accuse Feingold of being a bit confused, and he would be correct.
    The trouble in Iraq: our Marines are being killed, Iraqi civilians are being killed, and the legitmate resistance mounted by the Sunni's and recognized by the Shiite leadership is being marginalized. Should we take that show on the road? Scratch 2) Finally there is no cut and run, even though a military prescence in Iraq fuels the terrorists.
    if some Democrat wants to run for President all he, or she needs to say is that they would redeploy the troops where they are needed, pull some troops of out Iraq, and basically not give away our game plan to the enemy. Take issue with Bush for making our troops a target, inflicting civilian casualties, and promise to end the no bid contracts leading into the black hole where taxpayers dollars disappear, and nothing comes out the other side. see it's not that hard.

    "Republicans hate the French Revolution, and everything it stands for; Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, but they love the Guillotine.

    by agent double o soul on Wed Nov 30, 2005 at 10:43:52 AM PST

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