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View Diary: Frameshop: Feingold Now Leads Democrats [UPDATED] (462 comments)

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  •  I actually think (none)
    tht Kerry's problem is not political, but grammatical.

    He tends to write with lots of parenthetical statements.  If he only had someone in his office that would just tell him:  "Look, Senator, we are not going to let any sentence into a speach that has parenthetical statements.  Not one."  HE would be fine.  But he just crams too much in every sentence, and that gives him the appearance of being 'everywhere' on issues.  It's a real problem.

    •  hmmm (4.00)
      so you mean that some people (those of us who put parenthesis in sentences) have a hard time being understood (by people who don't) because we are trying to fit in too many topics (that are sorta relevant) into one sentence?


      but i'm also becoming convinced i have adult A.D.D.  my brain is constantly processing several thoughts at once.  my problem only comes when i start verbalizing them.


      •  It (may) (be) a (problem) for some (folks) (none)
      •  Heh (none)
        I write like this too, though in real life I'm actually very quiet (the irony for those who've made it through my 10 paragraph posts requires note). I can write single sentences that are grammatically correct, yet take about half a page in a 10-point font. I'm surprised I've never been beaten by any of my English profs.

        Another reason I should really never run for office. As if I didn't have plenty.

        •  i'm sure you're still quite normal (none)
          comparatively :D

          if we ran on the same ticket, i could make you look really good for office!

          i would be perfectly comfortable having two conversations at once.  i actually find myself interjecting a new conversation waiting for an answer to my just made comment. (usually while the other person is talking)

          i'm hopeless and most likely very annoying!  but i'm a great multi-tasker!  ;)

          •  "normal" (none)
            is not a word that has ever been used to describe me, to my knowledge.

            But we could form our own Weird Party; I'm sure, if extreme weirdness were the goal, that we would have a good shot at the party primary. ;)

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