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View Diary: Frameshop: Feingold Now Leads Democrats [UPDATED] (462 comments)

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  •  The 1's are uncalled for... (none)
    ...Lando has a point, although he is guilty of being too blunt.  

    Russ was my senator, and I love the guy.  But... despite the humor, there is a real rigidity about the guy.  He also backed the Roberts nomination, as I recall, because of a quaint notion that a President deserves to put whoever he wants in office as long as the person is "qualified", and ideology doesn't matter. Now I know Roberts was going to be confirmed regardless.  But there is a schoolmarm attitude about Feingold.  That's a slight negative.  His biggest strength - an unwillingness to compromise on matters of principle - can also be a weakness.  

    That said, I would pick him as the nominee over Kerry in a heartbeat.  

    •  I like Feingold (none)
      I actually did Lit drops for Feingold last year as part of some  volunteering I did for a Wisconsin house candidate.

      He may call his bad votes principled, but they are still bad votes.  His vote not to dismiss the impeachment gave bipartisan cover to a purely partisan action.   There was no principle anywhere in that fiasco.  

      It takes a second to wreck it. It takes time to build.

      by lando on Wed Nov 30, 2005 at 05:55:42 PM PST

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