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View Diary: Frameshop: Feingold Now Leads Democrats [UPDATED] (462 comments)

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  •  wtf?? (none)
    until kossacks can shut down the senate to get answers on iraq, i'm going to say the senators are more effective than kossacks.

    and the dems vs. dean dichotomy is false.

    dean's a dem.  it was a primary and it was dems vs. dems.

    was it a millionaire who said "imagine no possessions."?/a poor little schoolboy who said "we don't need no lessons."? -- macmanus

    by BiminiCat on Wed Nov 30, 2005 at 04:33:41 PM PST

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    •  of course, the question was (none)
      when/are the Democrats more effective than 44 progressive independents?  Nothing about kossacks.

      Don't answer - between this Feingold news (even Bush's staff realizes he's the frontrunner!) and Pelosi/Murtha, I'm way too busy celebrating.

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