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View Diary: Murtha on Hardball: Generals tell him 25 years to train the Iraqi troops (159 comments)

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  •  Excellent diary-thanks-recommended (4.00)
    Thanks for this--unf*believable; folks are rightly very angry about this bogus bullshit war and the media's complicit freepfest propaganda spinnin hype for shrubco. Enough is enough. OUT. NOW. period.
    •  IRAQ: OUT NOW (none)
      You have it exactly right, John Murtha actually cares about our troops unlike the evil idiot Bush who doesn't seem to care about anything but his cowardly cronies.

      Notice that it is the Chickenhawk brigade that is all for "staying the course" and "honoring our dead" by killing more of their friends.  What twisted logic these radcons have.

      News media is definitely complicit in the run up to war and the continual lack of coverage.  Most stories about Iraq are in the middle of the paper, and only rarely do they mention the total number of dead soldiers, and less often the 15,000 US wounded.  Of course the 100,000+ dead Iraqis are never mentioned- they are not counted by the Bushite scum.

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