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  •  Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) (4.00)
    Oil was certainly not the only concern that prompted the American invasion of Iraq, but it weighed in heavily with many senior administration officials. This was especially true of Vice President Dick Cheney who, in an August 2002 speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, highlighted the need to retain control over Persian Gulf oil supplies when listing various reasons for toppling Saddam Hussein. Nor is there any doubt that Cheney's former colleagues in the oil industry viewed Iraq's oilfields with covetous eyes. "For any oil company," one oil executive told the New York Times in February 2003, "being in Iraq is like being a kid in F.A.O. Schwarz." Likewise oil was a factor in the pre-war thinking of many key neoconservatives who argued that Iraqi oilfields -- once under U.S. control -- would cripple OPEC and thereby weaken the Arab states facing Israel.

    Still, for some U.S. policymakers, other factors were preeminent, especially the urge to demonstrate the efficacy of the Bush Doctrine, the precept that preventive war is a practical and legitimate response to possible weapons-of-mass-destruction ambitions on the part of potential adversaries. Whatever the primacy of their ultimate objectives, these leaders shared one basic assumption: that, when occupied by American forces, Iraq would pump ever increasing amounts of petroleum from its vast and prolific reserves.

    Michael T Klare in TomDispatch

    Privatization - putting Iraq oil in the hands of multinational cartels - is essentially stealing the oil, especially because terms are being dictated by an occupying power. When Bush gets misty-eyed about building 'stable and pluralistic institutions', the neocons are thinking multinat corporations. The privatization process is pretty far advanced. Of course they're fighting back viciously. That's their life-blood, their 'third river'.

    I was about to go on, but just discovered that Rojo's recent diary has already dealt with this very comprehensively. It's deeply researched and well worth reading.

    Amazing how little mention the oil gets in Iraq coverage.

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