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View Diary: Bush Abruptly Ended Abramoff Investigation in 2002! Obstruction of Justice? (must-see!!) (102 comments)

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    Let me say that I still keep in touch with Evan, from Air America fame, and he was just back on Guam for a week or so to see family. As far as I know, there is not link to Abramoff or many of these issues. He is a hustler, pure and simple, and pulled off a huge deal, but couldn't back it all up. He's been involved in many political campaigns on the island, and he and I went head to head in the last one.
    As for the Jones Act and the open skies, Guam's position was very clear and still is. Direct shipments from Asia and more competition in the air and lower costs for flights from the mainland and elsewhere. I'm saying that I know Abramoff was working on these issues. I don't have paperwork, but the former senator I'm referring to and others were very clear in the fact that he was working on these issues. I know the Tan family as well, and everyone on both islands understands their involvement with sweatshops on Saipan. They have holdings on Guam, but sweatshops are a no go on the island because it is a territory with tighter labor restrictions.
    Fred Black was a ballbuster. Many people I know fed him information, and he was shut down. I was there from '94-'01 and then again from '02-'03. I keep in touch with dozens of folks in the know and can dig more up, but never have tried. At the time, I didn't know who Abramoff was, but was warned by the senator not to fuck with him, a la the casino story, I guess. This might not help, but again I can say he was working on numerous issues that affected the islands and like many before him he was attempting to milk people he thought to be inferior. I'm certain of this.

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