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    Feingold is known for assembling a top notch staff in DC. He has been able to hire some of the most sought-after Senate staffers because people desperately want to work for him since they think he is the "Real Deal" - despite the fact I'm told he actually pays less than everyone else because he likes to have a bigger staff.

    However, you are right that he is at a major disadvantage compared to Clinton and some others in terms of connections to the major Democratic consultants, fundraisers, and endorsers, and at the moment he is largely ignored by the press.  There is no question that he faces a huge uphill battle.

    But I think you can tell by many of the comments and polls on this site that he has a very strong base of grassroot/netroot support.  People have already launched several different "Draft Feingold" style websites and are now setting up state-specific sites.  He has already spurred a very devoted, active following.

    I think there is a very real chance that he could become the Dean of the 2008 campaign - and Dean was certainly able to generate a ton of press coverage and raise money from the netroots.  While Dean obviously came up short, the dynamics will be somewhat different in 2008, and in my opinion, Russ is a less divisive figure than Dean among primary voters (I think there were a lot more people who were "anti-Dean" across all Democratic constituencies than there will be for Feingold).

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    by DCescapee on Sat Dec 03, 2005 at 02:35:04 PM PST

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