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  •  The more I see and read (4.00)
    about this man, the more impressed I become.

    He votes from convictions, not according to ebbs and tides of political fades.  Because of this, he can talk and think on his feet and does not have to wait for polls on the political tides to shape his positions.  This kind of honesty has great populace appeal, especially after we have been taken to the cleaners by the current thoroughly dishonest administration.  This kind of personal integrity would be of particular appeal to those in central states.  (Forget the core extreme fundamentalist religious constituents represented in some of these states.  I don't think we need them to win, and I'm not willing this time to shape an agenda around this fringe.)   He actually seems to like connecting and engaging with the public--he not only asks for input, but listens.  (How refreshing!)  And this honesty and integrity can be totally supported by his record.  

    I'd definitely like to see him out there in the forefront in '08 for the final test.  He's certainly looking good to me so far, and has my enthusiastic backing at this point.

    •  See, this is what I'm saying (none)
      If the overall persona:  intelligent, articulate, votes with his conscience (even if we might disagree), willing to take a stand and stand up for it, passionate about issues, personable, real

      if all of that works, the rest of it falls by the wayside.  The religion thing, the marriage thing, this or that vote, whatever.  None of it matters if the candidate connects.

      The repukes found a way to bury all the nasty scandals, the failures, the lies and disgusting fratboy behavior beneath a facade of "good ol' straight-shooting boy who you'd want to have a beer with"  

      They were even able to pin the "good morals" thing on this loser while making Al Gore look like a bad guy, and made * look like some sort of heroic flyboy and Kerry loook like a shirker!

      And people voted for him regardless of what came out later, the drunk driving, the "major league asshole", the crappy record in Texas, the insider trading.  None of it stuck, because people "liked" him.  According to Tweety Mathews, everyone except wackos still does . . . lol

      So our man/woman doesn't have to be unassailable.  We just need to choose someone who connects with people.  And fight like hell to keep the slime off.  Not one inch to those guys.  Not one false comment goes unanswered.  Spin right back at them.

      This is a team effort.  No candidate is perfect.  We can argue all day, or we can find consensus when the time comes and all stand behind the candidate, flawed as he or she may be.  Because whoever it is will be better than another repuke.

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