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  •  I disagree... (none)
    When I think of populism I think of man wanting to fight for the people. Edwards has joined the picket lines down in California to aid group of people trying to create a security workers union. Edwards has been traveling to many college campuses all over the country encouraging young people to take on fighting poverty as the moral cause of their generation. He's been traveling around the country encouraging state legislators to put minimum wage increase initiatives on their state ballots. Edwards has visited with Blair and Brown to talk about domestic policies that alleviate poverty like babybonds. Edwards has given speeches to the ultra rich in the UAE encouraging them to invest in poor areas of the middle east. He fought major corporations for the interest of the little people. IMHO, he'd be a Pres. who would govern for the people and by the people.
    •  it is clear that you don't get populism (none)
      edwards is a champion of worthy causes, and increasingly solid on labor issues. his rhetoric and his intended audience is still in the liberal rather than populist form, however.

      every dem running for national office says they're "for the people." that isn't populist, that's standard boilerplate rhetoric. populism isn't telling college kids and suburbanites to care about the poor, populism is inciting the poor to soak the rich, and take control of their destinies by going after the banks themselves. huey long was a populist; FDR was a liberal. edwards is a great guy, but he's not encouraging anyone to "raise less corn and more hell."

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      by wu ming on Sat Dec 03, 2005 at 06:55:29 PM PST

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