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  •  What is your basis for saying that? (none)
    Are you privy to demographic data showing voters in those states who voted for Bush would be inclined to support a liberal northern Senator, who is a twice-divorced non-observant Jew?

    Yeah right.

    •  iowa and ohio are northern, to start with (none)
      i would be surprised if they were hostile to a senator from a neighboring state out of regional pique. feingold's success running in the northern counties of wisconsin, which are similar in their libertarian bent and their tourism + extractive industrial base to arizona, nevada, colorado and new mexico, especially given his record on guns and the PATRIOT act. the jewish vote in florida got a boost in 2000 from lieberman being on the ticket, and i imagine that it would benefit feingold as well. as for the nation's rampant hatred of liberals, jews and divorcees, it certainly didn't hurt feingold in wisconsin the last time around, and wisconsin is not new york, it's pretty purple with a fairly small jewish population.

      do you have any evidence to the contrary besides your own assumptions? which kerry or gore states would feingold lose?

      crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

      by wu ming on Sat Dec 03, 2005 at 07:50:42 PM PST

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      •  Oh, where to start (none)
        -- People who voted for Bush in Ohio will vote for Feingold because of regional pique?????  What on earth makes you think that those voters have even heard of Feingold much less identify with or admire him?

        -- Feingold's success in northern counties of Wisconsin is of little relevance.  He runs as an incumbent Senator.  Incumbents rarely lose.  That doesn't translate at all to how one would run as a Presidential candidate in another state.

        -- The Lieberman support in south Florida in 2000 would not necessarily translate to Feingold.  First, there's a big difference between the two.  Lieberman (obnoxiously in my view) wears his religion on his sleave, and the elderly jews in south Florida were attracted to that.  Feingold is not an observant jew and believes that his religion is his own personal business.  While I find that admirable, it won't appeal to the same segment of the population that was attracted by Lieberman's religion.  Further, the elderly jews in south Florida will be 8 years older in 2008; who knows if they'll still be alive or healthy enogh to vote?

        -- Regarding his divorce, the last time he ran for re-election he was only divorced once; now he's twice divorced.  Moreover, the power of incumbancy far outweighs any signicance of a divorce.  If he runs for President, he won't have the power of incumbancy, and you can be sure that the press will act like vultures in digging up every ugly detail of his divorces and marital life (I can see Michael Isikoff licking his chops).  His campaign will be very busy dealing with questions arising from these stories, and it will present an obstacle in getting his message out on the real issues.

        •  you really ought to read more carefully (none)
          what i said was
          iowa and ohio are northern, to start with (none / 0)
          i would be surprised if they were hostile to a senator from a neighboring state out of regional pique.

          this is a response to your unfounded assumption that red states wouldn't like a northerner on a regional basis; i was pointing out that two of the red states that i think feingold might have a shot at - iowa and ohio - are in fact northern states themselves.

          i don't think that the observant v. secular jew is going to make a bit of difference in florida or elsewhere, and in fact his lack of sactimonious piety for the cameras will be an advantage in those parts of the country (the west) and the electorate (gens x and y)that don't value such things; avoiding a green split alone puts a lot of swing states well into the safe side of the column. besides, his sister is a rabbi.

          again, feingold's voting record on guns and civil liberties and his plainspoken manner will resonate with voters who don't trust less libertarian candidates like gore or kerry. i know of several republicans who liked dean, but couldn't being themselves to vote for kerry because of guns and "the way that he talked." i think feingold if anything has a stronger record than dean here, and i think it carries a real advantage.

          finally, his divorces were both quite amicable by all accounts, and feingold is on good terms with his ex-wives and children. everyione will have mud flung at them, but feingold has the advantage of being as clean as politicians come.

          crimson gates reek with meat and wine/while on the streets, bones of the frozen dead -du fu (712-770)

          by wu ming on Sun Dec 04, 2005 at 10:45:27 AM PST

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          •  Great , capture the Dean vote (none)
            Now there's a great strategy to win in the red states.  

            The Greens are totally insignificant now.  Avoiding a Green split gets us nowhere.

            I'll give you Iowa; any Dem who can't win Iowa isn't going to win, period.

            You still haven't explained why the Ohio voter who voted for Bush would be more inclined to vote for Feingold.  Because of guns and civil liberties?  Gotta disagree there.

            If you think that the Jewish reaction to Lieberman would be the same as the Jewish reaction to Feingold, you know nothing about the Jewish community.

            And besides, the Christian right will have a field day with Feingold; not because he's Jewish, but because he doesn't practice his religion.  

            Great Senator, would be a great President, but totally unelectable.

      •  The question isn't (none)
        which Kerry or Gore states would he lose.  I assume he could probably win most of those states.  I just don't see him winning any of the ones that went for Bush.
    •  Trade is huge (none)
      A lot of socially conservative working class voters are very frustrated by deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, which Feingold has ALWAYS stood firm against. They might be willing to look past their social views for someone who they see as really standing up for them economically. Kerry's mild criticism of unfair trade deals wasn't going to cut it. And Gore was the chieft defender of NAFTA.

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