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View Diary: UPDATED: The Case for Russ Feingold (282 comments)

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  •  Great , capture the Dean vote (none)
    Now there's a great strategy to win in the red states.  

    The Greens are totally insignificant now.  Avoiding a Green split gets us nowhere.

    I'll give you Iowa; any Dem who can't win Iowa isn't going to win, period.

    You still haven't explained why the Ohio voter who voted for Bush would be more inclined to vote for Feingold.  Because of guns and civil liberties?  Gotta disagree there.

    If you think that the Jewish reaction to Lieberman would be the same as the Jewish reaction to Feingold, you know nothing about the Jewish community.

    And besides, the Christian right will have a field day with Feingold; not because he's Jewish, but because he doesn't practice his religion.  

    Great Senator, would be a great President, but totally unelectable.

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