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View Diary: Conyers: Investigate 2002 Bush Shutdown of Abramoff Case! Conyers Reply to Sherlock UPDATE 2 (80 comments)

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  •  Good News? Cheer up and celebrate this: (none)
        1. La Times on Sat. has this [ article ] about the FBI reopening it's investigation of the Niger forged docs. Yippee!
        Haven't gone thru all the diaries and all the comments on DKos since yesterday so pardon if redundant, also off-diary a little.

          2.  Re: sex shops, I noted in diaries recently on this issue that  iirc 'many visits and junkets to the Marianas were arranged by Abramof and associates of his.' or to that effect..The Marianas are a depressing shithole according to friends of mine who have been there, it's probably got some scenic spots and luxury hotels etc. That it's got SEX of a creepy kind according to earlier discussions of this issue and it's sooo far away...hmmmm...
       Upthread there were good comments about the forced abortion/sterilization horror .
          I just can't keep the tinfoil hatted fella on my shoulder from squawking about this:  Far away from home and reporters, Gov't officials in a corrupt and corrupting environment = corrupted gov't. Blackmail, guilt by association, shame, whatever, all logically follow.
       Good luck to us all, and I'm so thankful for John Conyers and people like him....
      Great diary Sherlock Google, you're the man!  Hey waaait a minute, that's not your real name!

    Neocon plan for Iraq : Chaos and Corruption.

    by KenBee on Sun Dec 04, 2005 at 01:37:20 PM PST

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