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  •  Consequences (none)
    I vote my conscience. That is why I would never, NEVER vote for Nader or write in Nader or any other third party candidate in an election where the Republicans have any chance of winning. The consequences of a Republican presidency are so horrible, that it is hard for me to take seriously anyone who doesn't vote for a Democrat for President. People who took your attitude in 2000 may or may not have meant well, but the consequences of their actions have affected the entire world and it is hard for me to work with Greens who don't recognize the consequences of their actions.

    If Gore were President now, things would be 1000x better. Despite what Greens say, Nader and his supporters do bear some of the blame for what has happened in America since.

    •  It's indisputable (none)
      That Gore would have won but for Nader. The same thing can be said of the asshole media gotcha artists and fabricators, the Supreme Court, Jeb Bush and his Florida cronies, and Al Gore himself. But Nader's lies that the two men were indistinguishable - that is something he can never be forgiven for.

      I detest Hillary and I would still vote for her over Nader. His self-righteousness is as scary as any Neocon's or Dominionist's. His post-inaugural glee at having put Bush in power still makes me want to wretch.

      •  Completely agree (none)
        I grew up with the emerging PIRG movement and greatly admired Nader. But his ego seems to have swelled so big he can't think anymore. I find many Greens as sure of their holiness as any Bush supporter, though thoughtful Greens are great.
        •  I too once admired Ralph (none)
          ...although I knew people that had worked for him in the 70s who described him as a tyrant. I thought it was just typical boss-diss. But his behavior in 2000 and since tells me all I need to know about him.

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