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View Diary: Clinton sponsors anti-flag burning law (461 comments)

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  •  So you're pro choice in the (none)
    flag burning issue,I'm pro liberty too, but this is an issue solely for posturing purposes....
    •  No Glickman, you are wrong (none)
      It is naked pandering to the right.  That it does not impact our every day lives much is hardly the point.  She is openly, smilingly joining hands with the ideologues who invent fake wedge issues to take the electorate's eyes off those issues that DO affect their daily lives.  It is taking her base for granted so severely that she is willing to sell out the First Amendment and trample on her base's values and run toward the center WAY before she has locked up a nomination.

      I can only smile that it will really turn off the hardcore base when she needs it most: in the early primary season.

    •  three times (none)
      i gave you the benefit of the doubt in this thread, thinking you would even ONCE listen to what was being communicated to you.

      ok, neocon, no more: blow me.

      •  that's a good one (none)
        1. if you'd were beyond god you'd know what you claim is absurd

        2. if you were beyond god you could articulate your positions with great clarity and language, not resort to absurd mud slinging

        3. if you were beyond god you could blow yourself

        4. who cares if you give me any benefits of any doubts - who are you? If you were beyond god you'd be rich and powerful and one would hope beneficent towards us mere mortals - somehow I get the feeling you're neither.....

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