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  •  Pottery barn theory (none)
    I keep hearing that Americans subscribe to the "Pottery Barn theory". Our politicians should start getting honest with America. If we are going to go with "fixing" Iraq then we must commit the people necessary and that would mean a draft. We can not continue to play russian roulette with the security of our country by continuously deploying the same bunch of folks over and over and over meanwhile ignoring the potential for conflict with Iran, North Korea, or the numerous other places that potentially could cause a threat simply because the troops are spread too thin.
    •  asdf (4.00)
      Sorry, but I disagree with this interpretation of the pottery barn rule: what it actually means is that the US owes the pottery barn ( ie Iraqis ) compensation for what it has broken; it does not mean that by breaking Iraq it gets to keep it and attempt to put it back together according to how it thinks it should look.
      •  The thing about the Pottery Barn rule (none)
        is that Powell was using it to explain to Bush why he shouldn't invade a nation - because he would "own" the ensuing mess.

        It's not about "Oh, we broke it and now we have to fix it."

        New Orleans will never die

        by hrh on Tue Dec 06, 2005 at 07:03:47 AM PST

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      •  The "pottery barn" analogy is: (none)
        You vandalize a store.

        You pay compensatory damages to the owner,
        you pay punitive damages,
        and you go to jail.

        You do not remain in the store and continue to bully the owner in an attempt to "fix it".

      •  Breaking Iraq (none)
        Where exactly in my post do I say anything about keeping Iraq? I don't. I say that in order to "fix" Iraq we will be required to have adequate manpower. Or are you saying that if we get out of Iraq all infrastructure and any faction problems will automatically disappear?

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