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  •  When will we get serious about oil consumption? (4.00)
    This war is about oil. They have it, we want it. We have guns and bombs, and legislators too willing to send the country's sons and daughters into the mideast to try to secure that region's only significant resource.
    The young girl from Belgium who became a suicide bomber, gave her life for a cause. Probably the wrong cause. But as Marx pointed out, for every thesis an anti thesis will develop. For all the efforts to control the oil fields by lies and intimidation there will be conceived those who feel obliged to fight against their perceived outrage. But, its all so futile. We all lose.
    As Ghandi said 'an eye for an eye leaves the world blind'. A lie for a lie leaves the world babbling.
    I trust Mr Clark and feel he has a better grip on our military. I'm sure he holds a better grip on reality than Bush, but there is no way to win this war. The reelection of Bush stated to the world that this country feels that we are above the rest of you. Until this country disavows Bush and his policies things will not be right. There may be improvements from time to time that this administration spins to make conditions look positive but they will fade.
    We need to find real answers. First, lets admit we are the addicts. Second, prove that we can change. The most needed change is to develope new technowledgies, we have known this for a long time. Third make a priority of reaching out to the other side. Maybe then the sad tale of people like the young girl's suicide protest won't be repeated ad nausium.
    •  Saddest part (none)
      I wonder how much this oil cost us in terms of the billions we will be forced to shell out just to keep Iraq from dissembling into civil war. All for a non renewable energy source that could very well run out before we manage to stabilize the country we went into to procure it. Sigh.

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