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  •  What you're missing (none)
    They are convinced that the correct paradigm is "we must regulate, unless we're absolutely convinced X fits into a narrow exception," as opposed to "we want to leave this field alone, except for the X known harms."

    They don't really care about freedom -- if they did; H.R. 4194 wouldn't look like it did.

    •  the don't really care about freedom (none)

      maybe they're traitors.

    •  are you really on this slippery slope? (none)
      you should oppose all campaign finance reform then.

      BTW, full disclosure, i do. i believe money and speech are the same thing. i oppose mccain feingold and i oppose CC's initiatives here.

      but they are not corrupt, and their motives are very decent here, in a real sense.

      •  Wake up (none)
        Efforts to clip political blogs like this one do not check the undue influence of big money on our political culture, just the reverse.

        Think of the Hackett storm where Kos and others encouraged 10,000 rank and file people to donate $500,000 to him (average donation, $50). It was moving and humbling to read comment after comment here saying, "I just got paid and can't afford this, but just sent $10 to Paul." You want to talk about campaign finance reform? We have already achieved it through the blogs, more than McCain and Feingold dreamed possible with all the rule changing.

      •  No. (none)
        If H.R. 4194 provided full protection for grassroots activity online (through, say, a robust application of the press exception) while also stopping the soft money "loophole", I could get behind it.

        I'm against bad regulation, not all regulation.

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