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  •  He may have an advantage... (none)
    with the candidate. But when that is exposed to the public, will the candidate have an advantage with the voters?

    That's where I am coming from. At the end of the day, Halliburton could spend 100,000,000 dollars for Bush. But if I do my due dilligence, read as much as I can, make an effort to educate myself about the candidates...then I'll know he's a moron and not vote for him. Or I'll see how much Halliburton gave to him and decide I don't want a candidate who's in their pocket.

    It's up to the public to educate themselves, not have the government spoonfeed them.

    •  then surely (none)
      you've made use of the disclosure statements at in previous elections?
    •  Still disagree. . . (none)
      If Osama bin Laden shows up on the contributor list then OK, it may be a disadvantage.  But for the most part, the people who show up are going to be executive nobodies.  For the most part, it won't make a different, even for those people who actually pay attention to this sort of thing.

      The truth is, some candidates are going to raise huge amounts of money in completely innocent ways -- whether it is in large contributions for a smaller number of givers or small contributions from a larger number of givers (if, say, Focus on the Family gets behind you).  The inequity still needs to be addressed.

      Is America finally suffering from Idiot Fatigue?

      by LarryInNYC on Tue Dec 06, 2005 at 12:52:37 PM PST

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      •  I disagree. (none)
        Respectfully, but I do.

        If the names on the list are executives, people can research who they work for.

        And if people take the time to read about and research the candidates, then one candidate having 100M and the other 50M won't matter.

        The money only matters if people let the TV and newspaper ads be the limit of their research. And if the voters are content to sit back and let 30-second sound-bites be their research, then we deserve the government we get.

        Regulation breeds inequity in the process. We need less, not more.

    •  Will the candidate have an advantage? (none)
      Ask Mike Bloomberg.  $100 million can cover a multitude of sins.

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