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  •  not a psychologist, and (none)
    I've never talked to him.  So I'm not going to speculate on his motivations.

    One of their fears, clearly, is the "Haliburton blog", which is just silly.  And I just think generally, it might be a fear of the unknown.

    But here's the thing, and it's a point I've made repeatedly, so I'll quote myself from when I think I said it best:

    In sum, the Internet fulfills through technology what campaign finance reform attempts via law. It magnifies the power of each citizen's voice to equal that of large corporations. Any speech, whether from a campaign, a wealthy PAC or a news report, can be immediately countered by any ordinary citizen-as the Internet's uncovering of the "Rathergate" scandal showed. . . .

    Wealth loses its corrupting power online because it cannot silence the opposition. If reducing money's influence on politics is the FEC's command, a vibrant online marketplace of ideas is the solution.

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