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  •  adam (none)
    first, I'm on board for a reasonable clarification, say, setting to paper how the interpretations should work, something not overly broad.

    second, your example, I don't want to weasle out but I think I would need more information.  Further complicating this is that I don't think all the law is perfectly crafted in terms of offline regulation either.

    My answer is then based on just this, however they are treated it should be the same as if they started a small liberal paper. If they would have to file with the FEC in that case, then same with the web site, otherwise no.

    If they take paid ads, but give the same ad space to candidates... yes, that's an in-kind contribution, otoh, if they give away links on their blogroll without ever charging, that's not an in-kind contribution (or is valued at $0 at any rate) and that more or less is how I think it should work.

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