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View Diary: NY-29: Tuesday's Fighting Dem -- Eric Massa (66 comments)

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  •  Quick question (none)
    Are these only military "fighting" Dems or could a first responder qualify?  We have a fire fighting Dem, Peter Gutzmer, running for a generationally held GOP Illinois senate seat here in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs (IL 27).  He has a damn good chance to take back a seat that hasn't seen a Dem in many, many years.

    Pray for my Beloved Country

    by lubarsh on Tue Dec 06, 2005 at 07:07:41 PM PST

    •  Some have Security Dems (none)
      like who adds whistleblowers and intelligence folks who were not military but in defence. Others favor including candidates who are motivated by a son or daughter in Iraqi or other family member.

      Maybe we need more than one block and not too large a crowd in one group. First responders are a large group and would be great.

      It is still developing and criteria are open. There are also some issues:

      One is that some vets are opposed by non-vets in the Dem primary. Do we waitit out, support the vet no matter what, or choose the best candidate vet or not.

      Fortunately, Eric is unopposed and supported by the districts County Dem committees, the new mayors of Corning and Elmira, and a labor union. He also has had official backing from Gen. Clark, Hackett and Max Cleland and strong support from the now gov-elect of VA Tim Kaine, who attended Eric's inaugural fundraiser.

      Eric is also taking a leadership role in getting a United Front of vets across the country so that as he puts it those who were on the Front lines can now serve on the home front.

    •  This project (none)
      is for military vets. The idea is that those most affected by war and veterans issues are lining up on our side. It gives lie to the notion that Republicans support the troops better than Democrats.

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