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  •  Education my ass! (4.00)
    Some of us did what we were supposed to. We got good grades and went to college, I even took computer science--which was supposed to be a really hot field. And I loved my work.

    I missed the hype years, preferring to do work I felt was more valuable in the long run. Well, it turns out in the long run education is a hell of a lot cheaper in India, as are most things. And code is easily portable.

    So I now make less than I did ten years ago, despite greater education and experience. And I still fear most days, knowing my job could be gone once again in a moment, as it has twice before.

    AND I FOLLOWED THE RULES! I'm not some stupid slacker. What are you going to re-educate me in, now that I'm over 40? I don't see any real opportunities.

    •  You and my husband (3.66)
      He has a degree and 20 years in IT. Because of healthcare costs he has basically gone 5 years without a raise, although according to the numbers, his salary has increased. He hopes to get a raise in March which will, yet again, off-set the increase in our insurance premiums. I am now looking for a part time job after the 1st of the year so we can pay our utility bill and not dip into savings. We haven't been on a real vacation in 4 years other than staying friends or relatives.

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