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  •  Tenet only said that after he had capitulated (none)
    In congressional pre-war testimony, I heard George Tenet on CSPAN say that he did not know whether Saddam Hussein had WMDs or not but even if Saddam Hussein had them he was "well contained" and in his (Tenet's) opinion would only use any weapons he might have IF he were  invaded and then he's use them against American soldiers.
    I don't get why the MSM ignores that testimony and instead thinks Tenet's "slam dunk" comment meant he was sure of the WMDs. Al Franken says the "slam dunk" comment meant that it would be easy to convince (fool?) the public that Saddam Hussein was a threat.
    As I've said here before when I told my Bush/clone congressman pre-war about what Tenet said pre-war he told me that it didn't matter what I said "we're going to war". I think it was clear in Washington to anyone who had a clue that Bush was playing political games with the Congress and the U.N. but was hell bent on war regardless of whether WMDs existed ot not. They were just the excuse.

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