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View Diary: ND's Earl Pomeroy (D) to Dean: Shut up. (84 comments)

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  •  Come on, man (none)
    Its North Dakota. Its a conservative state. Bush won it by like 25% last fall. Pomeroy is actually quite liberal for the state.

    You can't change the nature of North Dakota simply by running left wing candidates. They'll lose.

    •  is common sense left-wing? (none)
      I'm so sick of this "left wing" nonsense.

      Since when do we let the MSM tell us that wanting to get our troops out of a situation where there is no military solution "left wing?"

      Howard Dean is not left wing.  Never was, never will be.  He's a common sense moderate who thinks outside of the traditional left-wing-right-wing bullshit.

      There is nothing whatsoever left-wing about any of this.  Everybody wants to throw good money after bad.  Why?  What for?  What's the fucking point?  Ego?  And then what?  So it gets even worse and then later you think you can somehow regain your losses?

      These people are like compulsive gamblers who are sitting at the blackjack table having lost their shirts.  And now they're selling their car and their watch at the pawn shop because they know "they can win it back".

      Ain't gonna happen.  Time for an intervention.

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