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  •  Thanks! I'm glad you saw I wasn't accusing you (none)
    of anything!

    That said, I'd raise a question or two about how complete the meritocracy is. (NOT that you said it was complete.)  Even with most clues about a person's standard identity missing, there are all sorts of ways that social contexts get created which end up excluding people.  It's seemed to me that women's voices are getting stronger here, but DKos has had a reputation with some people for not paying much attention to them and the political issues that affect the lives of over 50% of the population. (I really don't know that that's justified, but it is part of what I had heard.)  

    I know the very painful Thanksgiving-tears scene was taken by many to be largely a bit of hysteria, but social forms and kinds of discourse can make people feel so marginalized and/or fed up that they end up throwing away all the social rules and screaming out.  

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