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  •  I do... (2.50)
    but Kos opened himself up to this by dismissing any criteria except his definition of merit. And whether he likes it or not, he's in good right-wing company.
    •  right-wing, my ass (none)
      Because I object to your whining hardly makes me a right-winger.

      You've decided that Kos is responsible for building your ideal community on his blog.   Instead of doing the work to build your own ideal, community-powered blog, you'd rather bitch at someone else for not giving you want you want, and accuse those who disgree with you of being right-wingers.  Right.

      Hace you noticed that the incredibly large, diverse community here overwhemlingly disagrees with you?  Or is a "community" only valid when it agrees with you?

      Right-wing?  Fuck you, whiner.  

      •  Nice try.... (4.00)
        I'll reply to the only substantive part of your comment, not the infantile name-calling.

        That's exactly what I'm saying. A diverse community requires diverse backgrounds. And that is exactly my point about guest bloggers. Merit is not enough.

        I tolerate disagreement, even revel in it. But I don't tolerate put-downs and name-calling which is what you do.

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