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  •  O dear, I was afraid you were going to ask that! (none)
    I have a pretty strong intuitive sense of the difference because it's present in my own life.  That is, women's gatherings, discussion groups, and so on, tend to be very different from ones that are predominantly male, at least in my world.  

    So I'd have to think about Cindy a bit more to get it all out, but here are some fairlly surface things.  Probably the first two apply much more standardly to "women's voices" than to men's.

    1.  She very involved in both the personal and the more theoretical.  Her diaries are full of references to individuals, though they are not just anecdotes.  She has larger questions connected to the specific ones.
    2.  She is much more willing than many guys are to really talk about her emotions and feelings, and those of others.
    3.  She is very constructive in her approaches to almost everything - from comments to criticisms to new ideas.  She tries to draw people in, not win something.  She doesn't have her status as a central organizing point in her world.  

    Here's one way of summarizing the last point.  If someone says something silly and unwise, a lot of guys say things like "That's bullshit," or "what are you, a fucking wingnut?"  And maybe, if they're less crude, "Only a stupid person would say that."  I cannot imagine Cindy saying anything anywhere near any of those.  She doesn't want to shut people up.

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