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View Diary: Pombo Diaries #8: Legal Scholars "Fallacies & Facts" (19 comments)

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  •  Violence is not the solution (none)
    I believe all of the violent attacks count as "attacks on property that could have collateral damage on people."  I view it as a matter of luck that no one got hurt or killed when, for example, someone set fire to the Blue Sky Lodge at Vail Resort.
    •  Monkey-wrenching need not include ... (none)
      ...violence. Remember that Abbey himself apparently started out by simply pouring sugar into the fuel tanks of heavy machinery and pulling up survey stakes. Monkey-wrenching can be highly creative.

      (For any FBI eyes around here eager to add pages to my files, I am not proposing, merely describing.)

      •  You gotta a file? (none)
        I'm envious...
      •  I am an architect, and can verify (none)
        that pulling stakes set by surveyors really fucks things up. And, it is expensive to have the surveyor return to the jobsite to reset them.

        Even better is to not pull them, but to raise or depress them 4 or 6 inches. None of the workers will notice, especially if this is done repeatedly, and then all the grading will be fucked up.

        (Back in the old days, when everyone drew by hand, a practical joke was to skew the stright edge of a colleague by a small amount - something they would never notice. At some point they would realize that a lot of lines they had drawn were not square.)

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