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  •  if the facts are as you say (none)
    and as the diarist says, then yes I agree, all this celebrety slaughter sweepstakes around the Tookster is a crock of BS, of a flavor that most Americans call "liberal BS," which in turn undermines the rest of the liberal agenda.

    In other words, thanks for calling BS on this one, it's too bad more people don't do the same.  

    If the guy did the crime, he deserves life w/o parole.  If he's still running the gang from behind bars, charge him with an ongoing criminal enterprise and cut him off from those people.  It would frankly suck if the only way to stop him from continuing to run the gang would be to put him to death, but perhaps that's the type of instance -and the only type of instance- that justifies the death penalty (until the day when the phone company has direct distance dialing to the hereafter, ha).  

    If there's any reasonable doubt about his actual factual guilt, then he deserves a new trial.  If his guilt is provable to the legal standard, then lock him up, throw away the key, and be done with him.  

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