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View Diary: Sen. Domenici (R-NM) opposes Pombo public lands giveaway (#9 in series) (18 comments)

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  •  Okay, my congressman Jim Ramstad gets (4.00)
     a little credit.  But not much!
    •  Yeah, he must be trying to pacify the Dems (none)
      in his district.
    •  Any kind of coalition requires... (none) to hold one's nose sometimes.  If he's your Congressman, no harm in reinforcing his position.  You don't have to mention your overall opinion of him, or ever support him in any way.  As long as he's leaning this way on this issue, give him a push...

      It looks like organizing efforts amongst hunters and anglers and hikers and birdwatchers and outdoorsmen (/women) of various stripes is getting across to some of these Repubs.  So give them the credit - they deserve it more anyhow.

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