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View Diary: Sen. Domenici (R-NM) opposes Pombo public lands giveaway (#9 in series) (18 comments)

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  •  I enrolled at EPluribusMedia at a friend's... (none)
    ...suggestion.  But not really sure how it works.  Answered a "vetting" e-mail, but didn't hear back.  Don't know if I should expect to.  Haven't taken the time to read or post there yet, except the most cursory view, not enough to qualify as "lurking" even.

    Would it be appropriate to work on this over there?  There is, for example, a more in-depth look at the legal analysis to be done; only did a surface gloss yesterday.  The period between now and Christmas (the next two weeks or so) will likely decide the future of this measure.  Can you tell me more about how EPM works, and whether it would be appropriate to work on this there?

    •  Try logging in and see if your user name and (none)
      password are accepted.  I just sent an email to vetting personnel.  I think you will find our community very helpful and supportive. I will keep my eye out today for you on the other side!

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