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  •  Where are Hackett, Brown, and Strickland? (none)
    What are they saying about all this? What is the Ohio Democratic Party saying about this? Have they contacted Howard Dean? He said the DNC was going to help the party at the state level. Ohio should be ground zero in his focus. The state is dominated by the GOP -- corrupt GOP -- and it looks like we can turn that place around next year. We should have a co-ordinated campaign there that amplifies the stench of the Republicans. If we fall down on the job here, we deserve what we get. Pointing out how the GOP is subverting democracy in Ohio is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    •  There is a reaction (none)
      The Dem candidate for Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, has a petition up about this. I urge all ohioans to go and sign it. I think the main issue here is the ID requirement. Traditionally elections are not rigged through the vote counts themselves. Its by keeping people from being able to vote in the first place. See florida purges, and the Blackwell issue over paperweight to see how its done.
      •  The ID requirement (none)
        All of the changes that I have seen with regard to ID are to make Ohio law in compliance with HAVA and to adjust the Motor Voter Act and 1965 law implementation for changes caused by HAVA. If someone can find any ID requirement that is not in compliance with federal regulations I would like to know the section of the bill and the federal regulation it deviates from.

        There is nothing onerous, nor new, about the process of registering (including identification) to vote and it is easy to do and it can be done in a multitude of places. I see no reason why the identification requirements to be registered should be more strict that those who are allowed to vote. Because, to me, the idea that identification IS required to register but somehow should NEVER be required to vote is short-sighted at best, ridiculous at worst.

        •  IDs (none)
          They bring up a couple of issues. If you need a drivers license or have to purchase an ID, isn't it a de facto poll tall. IDs in OH are 8.50 but at what point is it a tax. I'd say $.01, unless there are poverty waivers. Also consider multiple voters under 1 income. 5 voters=$40. Also, if someone applies for the "voter ID", is it kept confidential or is it going to implicate them for some minor offense from their past. I know prople that drive for years without a license and in one case fled from police due to a warrant for not appearing on a traffic ticket. Worse, in this case, there was no warrant, the paperwork never went through. This person would never vote out of fear that getting an ID would have them thrown in Jail. If HAVA requires them then HAVA is wrong. I thought it only required verification of identity (through SSN or drivers license) not an ID card.    
          •  More on IDs (none)
            Any of the listed identifications will suffice - a Driver's license, an Ohio identification card (if you don't drive), a recent utility bill, any government document from the state or federal government - these most likely include any check, any car registration, hunting/fishing license, etc. When you see the list it is hard to imagine that there would be anyone that couldn't meet the requirement.  The complete list is in the 1993 Motor Voter bill which is what Ohio has had for it's law for voter registrations and is using if a voter is challenged at a precinct.

            The HAVA act extends this to people in ANY state that register by mail rather than in person. It requires the person to present identification since they didn't do that in person prior to voting the first time.

            If a person hasn't voted in 4 elections including 2 federal elections they would need to re-register - which they could do at the precinct on election day and that, of course, requires some proof that you live in the precinct.

            To keep the election rolls up to date the state wants to send letters requiring a response (post paid) to verify that the registered person lives at that address. If the letter is returned undeliverable or not at all the poll book is marked as such and the person has to identify themselves when they come to vote and then the mark is removed. By the way the state already does this process with proof of valid auto insurance and if the letter isn't returned you will face a license suspension and it will cost hundreds of dollars to re-instate it.

            If you have voted at least once in the precinct you vote in - i.e. you are in the poll book it is extremely unlikely that a challenge would occur. Besides that, even if you present none of the identification you will still be allowed to vote under a provisional ballot.

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