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View Diary: Wind power now CHEAPER for US retail consumers (71 comments)

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  •  but in Texas (none)
    we don't get the benefit of cheaper wind power. Why is that the case when we have a growing number of West Texas wind farms and when wind is cheaper to produce than the "dirty" alternatives?
    Near as I can tell the energy company selling clean energy and those who sell mainly fossil fuel-based energy but offer a clean energy option seem to get a real kick out of preying on civic minded Texans who choose wind power over pollution.
    As the price of fossuel feuls has been rising, every damn one of these companies has jack up the price of "green energy" to exceed the cost of fossil fuel, thanks I guess to a phony deregulation here.

    Texans have been suckers for the oil companies and their shills in state and federal government.

    I hear well-respected former judge and Texas congressional representative Bob Gammage is running for Governor with a plan to straighten out education and everything else that's been f....d up under the Bush Republicans. Let's get behind his effort either financially or as volunteers. Let's ask him to look into cheaper, cleaner energy.

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