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  •  Lopez Obrador is corrupt (4.00)
    While he is better than the PRI candidate, and is further to the left than the PAN candidate (who I think is the better choice by the way), he really only pays the left lip service.  The guy is a drama queen, is caught in many scandles, and most of the people who work for him are either already in jail for corruption or are being investigated.  The guy has a chance of winning -- if only Mexico City's votes counted.  However, outside of the chilangos, not many people seem to like him.
    •  My those grapes are sour (4.00)
      As I recall, it was PAN (and Fox) that was forced to back down when they tried to derail AMLO's nomination with a spurious impeachment attempt (for the crime of building a road to a hospital). And Fox's Interior Minister that was forced to resign over it. Since my 300 or so relatives in Chihuahua, Sinaloa, and San Luis Potosi all intend to vote for him, I suspect he may draw a few more votes outside of the district as well. You do make a point about the vote count, though. Given PRI's history and their new buds in PAN grasping to retain power, the vote count may have some problems.
      •  I have to admit something... (none)
        The people I know in Jalisco (Guadalajara specifically) are all pretty much against him.  The guy annoys the crap out of me when he talks because he acts like the world is a big conspiracy against him.

        I also have to say that in the presidential election this year, there is nobody worth anything.  If I were Mexican I would vote for PAN in this case, but I'm not really a fan of Calderon either, but he has a cleaner slate than anyone else.

        Also, out of curiousity, where in Sinaloa do you have relatives?  Do you know anyone in Los Mochis?  The people I know there will all be voting PRI unfortunately, for reasons I don't want to get into right now.

    •  Not sure where your information.... (4.00)
      is coming from about Obrador only being popular in DF. When Obrador traveled to the Yucatan (Yucatan, Campeche & Quintana Roo), he was mobbed in the pueblitos.  He is wildly popular in many areas of Mexico.

      Making a statement like "Obrador is corrupt" doesn't prove anything.  You can make a list of corruption a mile long on any of Mexico's presidential candidates, including several of the green party leaders.  Of course, the fact that you can easily draw up similar lists of crooked Republicans and Democrats in today's US Congress hasn't escaped you, has it?

      Let's hope the Abramoff scandal clears out the crooks.  But in the meantime, after Abramhoff, DeLay, Enron, Ney, Cunningham, Bush, Cheney, Brownie boy, Halliburton, Kellogg-Root-Brown, etc.... it is hard to gain traction denouncing other nation's candidates as corrupt.

      •  Step 1 to making the world a better place (none)
        Genetically create a workplace-related virus that kills off every politician, professional athlete, and TV star.

        Seriously though, I know the U.S. government is corrupt, it's the most corrupt in the world.  My only hope is to be able to vote for people who are the least corrupt because even the Democrats are whores.  However, I still don't like Lopez Obrador, even if he is "Chilango of the Year" on the front of magazines and such.  Fortunately I am not a Mexican citizen, so I don't have to pick between any of them.  Unfortunately I am a U.S. citizen, and people that I vote for do not get elected.

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